For Customers

Customizing the most suitable products and providing the most satisfactory service according to customer's requirements
  • Customer

  • Product

  • Service

For employees

Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees,providing professional pre-job training;
Caring for employees and their families,sending festival blessings and welfare;
Encouraging employees to pursue on-the-job degree and achieve reward
  • Protection of human rights

  • Improvement of skill

  • Festival welfare

For environment

All products comply with ROHS requirement;
Packaging materials for recycling;
Promote paperless office
  • Green environment protection

  • Recycle

  • Paperless office

For society

Commonweal activity: Subsidize poor students every year;
Making a contribution to establish several hope primary schools;
Enterprise association, cooperate with Hunan business school to establish academic education base.
  • Tax revenue

  • Public welfare

  • Education base

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